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Rocol Lubricants

  • Rocol Anti Seize Compound and Spray

    Rocol Anti Seize Compound and Spray

    Copper based paste prevents corrosive seizure of all types of screw threads even in hostile, wet conditions Lead free. High temperature performance up to +1100?C.
    Also available as an Aerosol Spray
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  • Rocol Dry Moly Spray

    Rocol Dry Moly Spray

    Anti scuffing spray is used as a dry film lubricant on slides, gears, plain bearings, and as an anti-seize on precision threaded components.
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  • Rocol Penetrating Spray

    Rocol Penetrating Spray

    For the quick effective release of all seized metal parts.Non flammable propellant. Contains moly to ease
    dismantling of seized parts
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  • Rocol Chain and Drive Spray

    Rocol Chain and Drive Spray

    For the lubrication of chain and drive systems not fitted with automatic lubrication systems. Temperature range
    -30?C to +150?C.

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  • Rocol Chain Guard Hi Load Spray

    Rocol Chain Guard Hi Load Spray

    Contains Molybdenum disulphide for the lubrication and protection of chain and drive systems operating under high load conditions e.g. lift truck chains etc.
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  • Rocol Industrial Cleaner Rapid Dry Spray

    Rocol Industrial Cleaner Rapid Dry Spray

    Multi purpose cleaner. Fast evaporation. Safe onmetals,most plastics and paints. No rinsing and no residue. Inverta Spray Valve.
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  • Rocol Electra Clean Spray

    Rocol Electra Clean Spray

    Ideal for electrical and electronic fine parts. Cleans and degreases delicate mechanisms. Removes light greases,oils, dirt and organic soils. Quick evaporation. Safe to useon most surfaces. Non conductive. Fast penetration.
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  • Rocol Foam Cleaner Spray

    Rocol Foam Cleaner Spray

    Foaming action - pleasant and economical to use.Ideal for all non-porous surfaces. Cuts through dirt grease and grime fast. NSF A1 Registered
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  • Rocol Foodlube Universal

    Rocol Foodlube Universal

    For the effective lubrication of all types of ball, roller and plain bearings operating under high loads in the food and other clean industries.
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  • Rocol Foodlube Chain Spray

    Rocol Foodlube Chain Spray

    Food grade multipurpose chain and conveyor lubricant in an aerosol.Non-toxic, water resistant lubricant
    designed for the effective lubrication of all types of chains & conveyors operating in food/clean environments.
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  • Rocol Foodlube Spray

    Rocol Foodlube Spray

    Food grade multipurpose lubricant spray.Non-toxic, water displacing, lubricating, penetrating lubricant
    with good corrosion protection. For use in food/clean environments.

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  • Rocol Cold Galvanising Spray

    Rocol Cold Galvanising Spray

    A highly effective spray on corrosion preventative containing extremely high concentrates of zinc.
    Use for the permanent protection of metal parts and to repair damaged galvanised surfaces
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  • Rocol Sapphire Precision Lube Spray

    Rocol Sapphire Precision Lube Spray

    Ultra high performance universal maintenance lubricantdesigned to penetrate effectively and provide excellent lubrication and protection in the widest range of applications
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  • Rocol Belt Dressing Spray

    Rocol Belt Dressing Spray

    Colourless, non toxic, tacky belt maintenance and conditioning lubricant that prolongs the life of worn& glazed belts & prevents slipping. Use on all types of drive and conveyor belts, including V and flat belting
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  • Rocol Precision Silicone Spray

    Rocol Precision Silicone Spray

    Non toxic colourless silicone used as an effective anti-stick agent where cleanliness is essential and for the lubrication of slides, bearings and conveyorsand as an anti-stick agent on sealing jaws, moulds etc
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  • Rocol Gasseal Non Setting Sealant

    Rocol Gasseal Non Setting Sealant

    ROCOL Gasseal is an off-white sealant with good sealing properties for use on threaded and face joints
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  • Rocol Leak Detector Spray

    Rocol Leak Detector Spray

    ROCOL Leak Detector Spray efficiently identifies the location of potentially dangerous gas leaks. Suitable for use on most positive pressure gas systems.

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  • Rocol Dry PTFE Spray

    Rocol Dry PTFE Spray

    Non-staining dry PTFE lubricant which gives a low friction non-toxic, non stick surface and reduces
    static. Use on cams, slides, open bearings and chutes, also on food packaging and printing machinery
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  • Rocol Tufgear Spray

    Rocol Tufgear Spray

    Open gear lubricants are designed to be highly tenacious adhering firmly to gear teeth. They provide a thin water repellent film giving excellent corrosion protection with outstanding load carrying capabilites
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  • Rocol Wire Rope Spray

    Rocol Wire Rope Spray

    High performance, de-watering wire rope lubricant aerosol Can be applied even in wet conditions.it contains a petroleum solvent ensuring rapid penetration.Used successfully on hoists,drag lines,cranes and ships.
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  • Rocol Sapphire 2 Bearing Grease

    Rocol Sapphire 2 Bearing Grease

    Long life complex soap thickened NLGI 2 grease with very high resistance to load and good corrosion resistance. Temperature range -30?C to +150?C.
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  • Rocol Sapphire Premiere Grease

    Rocol Sapphire Premiere Grease

    A long life soap thickened grease designed for arduous conditions. Compatible with most plastics and rubbers, it can be used at speeds of up to 0.5 million dmN. Premier is highly thermally stable
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  • Rocol Sapphire Spray Grease

    Rocol Sapphire Spray Grease

    Aerosol applied multi-functional grease for ease of application and convenience. Provides excellent lubrication and good corrosion protection .For use on all moving parts such as sliding surfaces, bearings or wherever a bulk grease is normally used.

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