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Spanners and Wrenches

  • Combination Spanners

    Combination Spanners

    Open Jaw at one end and closed at the other. Both ends being of the same size.
    The greater strength of the Ring is used to loosen the nut, which can be quickle removed with the faster open jaw.
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  • Leader Wrenches

    Leader Wrenches

    Leader Wrenches are heavy-duty wrenches designed for heavy industrial work, particularly in the oil and gas fields and civil engineering
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  • Stillson Wrenches and Pipe Wrenches

    Stillson Wrenches and Pipe Wrenches

    Pipe wrenches are available in various types and sizes ranging from the ""Stillson"" to the ""Footprint"" style.
    All are designed for gripping or turning steel pipe and fittings primarily in the GasFitting and Plumbing trades.
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  • Chain Pipe Wrenches

    Chain Pipe Wrenches

    Chain pipe wrenches provides maximum grip on Round or Irregular shapes and are ideal for Steel Pipe work where pipes are close to walls
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