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Vices and Clamps

  • By Record Irwin and Eclipse

  • G Clamps

    G Clamps

    Clamps which resemble the letter ' G', used for many clamping applications.
    Forged steel frame with twin screw thread and metal foot.
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  • Sash Clamps

    Sash Clamps

    Designed for clamping large section workpieces during joint glueing,can also be used for general large scale clamping applications.
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  • Eclipse Pin Vices and Pin Chucks

    Eclipse Pin Vices and Pin Chucks

    Hand held tools Designed for holding round materials.
    Hollow handles enable material greaterthan the overall length of the pin chuck to be used
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  • Irwin Record Mechanic Vices

    Irwin Record Mechanic Vices

    The most popular and widely used General purpose metalworking vices. Ideal for use in workshops and garages for light to medium duty applications.
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  • Irwin Record Table Vice

    Irwin Record Table Vice

    Designed to clamp to a table or bench, ideal for the amature and modelmaker.
    The built-in clamp allows the vice to be quickly attached or removed from the table or bench.

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  • Irwin Record Drill Press Vices

    Irwin Record Drill Press Vices

    Generally used inconjunction with drill stands, these vices are bolted to the table of the stand to hold material for drilling, boring, tapping and other press work
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  • Irwin Record Chain and Hinged Pipe Vices & Stands

    Irwin Record Chain and Hinged Pipe Vices & Stands

    Can be fixed to either a tripod stand or bench, these vices are designed to hold pipe between 1/8"-8" O.D. by either clamping firmly between Jaws (Hinged Type) or by a chain looped and tensioned over the pipe (ChainType).
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  • Irwin Record Woodworking Vices

    Irwin Record Woodworking Vices

    Designed for the Carpenter or Joiner.These vices are Mounted under a workbench so that the jaws are flush with the table top. Available with Quick Release, and a Front Dog permitting the clamping of oversize work.
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