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Pliers, Cutters and Grips

  • by Knipex Stanley and Elliot Lucas

  • Combination Pliers

    Combination Pliers

    Combination of gripping and cutting plier.Strongly made with flat serrated jaws for gripping flat surfaces the rounded section in the jaws are for gripping tubes and pipes with a cutter situated behind the gripping section of the jaw
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  • Chain Nosed,Snipe Nosed and Long Nosed Pliers

    Chain Nosed,Snipe Nosed and Long Nosed Pliers

    These pliers, sometimes known as needle nosed,or radio pliers are made in a variety of shapes with different length jaws which are tapered to work in confined spaces.
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  • Locking Pliers

    Locking Pliers

    Self grip wrenches with a powerful locking action and quick release lever. They adjust to lock in position and stay locked with both hands removed.Available in a wide range of Jaws to suit every application.
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  • Waterpump Pliers and Multi Slip Joint Pliers

    Waterpump Pliers and Multi Slip Joint Pliers

    Originally designed for work on plumbing fittings,with serrated curved jaws to grip round objects. A loose joint allows the jaw position to be set at a predetermined width. Also available as a flat jaw plier wrench.
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  • Circlip Pliers

    Circlip Pliers

    Specifically designed for fitting or removing circlips . Fitted with narrow cylindrical tips to fit these holes. One version of circlip plier is designed for internal clips while another spreads external clips
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  • Knipex Plier Sets

    Knipex Plier Sets

    Handy Plier Sets from leading manufacturer Knipex.Contain various selections of Plier type to suit a variety of applications.

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  • Diagonal Cutters

    Diagonal Cutters

    Sometimes called side cutting pliers, for cutting wire.The cutting edge being at a slight angle to the handles to allow the user to cut close to a flat surface, and leave the hand clear of any obstructions.
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  • Wire Strippers and Crimpers

    Wire Strippers and Crimpers

    Wire strippers are designed to remove the outer sheath from cable leaving the inner core .Crimpers are used for crimping insulated cable terminals and connectors, with threaded holes for cutting screws
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  • End Cutters,End Nippers and Concrete Nippers

    End Cutters,End Nippers and Concrete Nippers

    Often called top cutting pliers,these are used for cutting wire.The cutting edge is a 90? to the handle, allowing for close cropping of wire. Nipper are used for bindingand cutting Conrete mesh and tie wire
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  • Carpenters Pincers

    Carpenters Pincers

    Carpenters pincers are primarily designed to remove nails from timber.Not as sharp as end cutting pliers being designed to bite into the nail rather than cut through it
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  • Cable Cutters and Cable Shears

    Cable Cutters and Cable Shears

    Specially designed cutting edges ensure ends of cable do not fray.Designs suitable for Soft Cable,Copper and Aluminium Cable and Armoured cable as well as for cutting fencing,thin gauge mesh and jointing wire
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  • Wire Rope Cutters

    Wire Rope Cutters

    For cutting medium hard wire cables up to 6mm in diameter.Special blade geometry cuts without a burr and prevents the wire cable from splaying
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  • Bolt Cutters and Bolt Croppers

    Bolt Cutters and Bolt Croppers

    Designed to cut steel bolts and rods. The compound action of the lever principle provides considerable force.
    Jaws are adjustable to ensure meeting without gapThree Different Cutting Types Centre, Clipper and End Cut
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  • Tinsnips and Tinsman Shears

    Tinsnips and Tinsman Shears

    Compound, curved, heavy duty, jewellers, spring handled, straight and universal tinsnips for cutting mild steel and other non-ferrous materials.
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