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  • Everbuild Forever White

    Everbuild Forever White

    Forever White is a superior silicone sealant that is permanently waterproof and flexible and ideal for sealing: shower bases and cubicles, wetrooms, around baths, sinks and basins. It is also ideal for use in kitchens and utility rooms and for sealing around window and door frames Forever White is guaranteed to stop black mould growth for 10 years

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  • Everbuild 125 One Hour Caulk

    Everbuild 125 One Hour Caulk

    125 One Hour Caulk is a fast drying flexible decorators filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible. Can be overpainted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper; no sanding down required

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  • Everbuild 200 Contractors LMA Silicone

    Everbuild 200 Contractors LMA Silicone

    Contract grade acetoxy cure silicone sealant. For general glazing, weatherproofing, sanitary and gap sealing applications. Quick curing, mould resistant.

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  • Everbuild 335 Construction Silicone

    Everbuild 335 Construction Silicone

    335 Construction Silicone is a low modulus reactive cure silicone sealant specially formulated as a cost-effective PVCu sealant, which also adheres to many common building substrates.
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  • Everbuild 450 Builders Silicone

    Everbuild 450 Builders Silicone

    450 Builders Silicone is a premium quality low modulus non-corrosive neutral cure silicone sealant that adheres to virtually all substrates, both porous and non-porous. Typically used for construction expansion joints and perimeter pointing of all types of door and window frames
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  • Everbuild 500 Bath & Sanitary Silicone

    Everbuild 500 Bath & Sanitary Silicone

    500 Bath & Sanitary Silicone is a premium quality high modulus acetoxy cure silicone sealant that contains a high level of powerful anti-fungal compound to prevent mould and fungal growth. Typically used in areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms, toilets, showers and kitchens in both commercial and domestic applications
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  • Everbuild Lead Mate Sealant

    Everbuild Lead Mate Sealant

    Lead Mate Sealant is specially formulated as an alternative to mortaring lead flashing and sheet into brick, stone and concrete, providing a fully waterproof joint that will not crack or shrink.
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  • Everbuild General Purpose Silicone

    Everbuild General Purpose Silicone

    General Purpose Silicone is a mid modulus silicone sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. Contains an anti-fungal compound to prevent mould growth in areas of high humidity. Forms a permanently flexible rubber seal
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  • Everbuild Puraflex 25

    Everbuild Puraflex 25

    Puraflex 25 is a one part low modulus building sealant based on polyurethane technology. Conforms ISO11600 25LM and is CE marked to EN15651-1: 2012 Type F EXT-INT CC. It is suitable for most construction expansion and dilation joints and adheres to most building surfaces such as concrete, ceramics, wood, metal, uPVC etc
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  • Everbuild Puraflex 40

    Everbuild Puraflex 40

    Puraflex 40 is a high modulus, one-component PU sealant and adhesive which adheres strongly to most substrates. Provides excellent mechanical resistance (shore A 35), resistance to most common chemicals and can be overpainted when cured. Suitable for metal and container sealing, marine applications, expansion joints, automotive and engineering uses.
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